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PSG80 Architectural Frameless Door System:

PSG80 is an innovative, high-performance frameless glass door system for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

Specifically developed and designed by ESL for the UK market and produced jointly with our manufacturing partner Europa Profil Aluminium S.A. in Greece, the system has been certified to the highest standards to provide unequalled thermal insulation values.

PSG80 doors are constructed by sandwiching the door frame and hardware elements between two sheets of glass which are structurally bonded to form a sealed, double-glazed unit with a full glass face to both sides. A perimeter band on the interior side of the panes conceals the fixings and bonding to complete the “frameless” appearance.

PSG80 Door Systems are grouped into 3 main variants:

  • Pivoted door system available with manual or automatic operation for a wide range of commercial, ground floor applications.

  • Hinged manual door system for a wide range of commercial applications.

  • Sliding door systems with conventional automatic and high performance lift-and-slide door versions with outstanding energy and weather resistance characteristics for commercial and residential terrace and balcony entrance applications.


With heights up to 4000mm and weights up to 450kg per leaf, all doors are designed and manufactured to order, allowing bespoke designs to be realised without compromising on appearance or performance.