Europa commercial pergola solutions from ESL provide an elegant extension to all kinds of premises.


Whatever the application is for, be it a hotel, showroom, restaurant or residential or office block, a pergola system will enable people to enjoy the additional outdoor space, regardless of weather conditions.


Pergolas can be either attached to a building or they can be designed as freestanding structures.  Pergolas detached from a property can be used to create a sheltered outdoor space that is separate from the building, so rather than an extension of the property it can be a space in its own right. 

Aluminium framed pergolas from ESL are designed with automated roofs for adjustable shelter from the elements. Traditional wooden pergolas are designed with rafters in the roof that are installed in a fixed position, this restricts the use of this outdoor space as it only offers slight shelter from the sun.


Europa pergolas from ESL are designed with with an automated louvre system that means each slat can be adjusted and angled to provide as little or as much shade as desired. The beauty of this is their ability to provide weather protection from the sun, rain and even snow.

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