HOB Entrance Doors:


HOB Entrance Doors is a state-of-the–art door system designed to provide the highest levels of security, quality and design for hotels and high-end residential applications.

The system sets new standards of design by providing versatility and customisation while simultaneously utilising hi-tech and classic materials to produce an exceptional aesthetic result, with top quality and advanced technology.


The innovative design of the system, along with the state-of-the-art equipment utilised, allow large heights and widths to be achieved, offering prestige and elegance, while maintaining minimalism, co-planarity of surfaces and outstanding performance.

The HOB door range consists of OPTIMAL hinged doors and AXON pivoted doors. Both are grouped into 4 finish variants to provide an exclusive platform for bespoke customisation; Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, Glass and Wood

Available in single and double-door configurations, all doors feature multi-point locking and exceptional security, insulation and functionality performance as standard.